Macaroni Grill’s Chicken Marsala with Linguine

by Dinner Hero on September 9, 2009

  Last Night’s Dinner for 3 – hubby was outta town, and he missed a good one.

Macaroni Grill collage3

OK…Have you tried these nifty new meals from Macaroni Grill?   They are available at your grocery store.  The meal is just $3.50 and you only need to add 2 chicken breasts.  Next time, I plan to add sauteed mushrooms and zucchini also.  Besides the Chicken Marsala we ate last night, we’ve also tried the Creamy Basil.  I added shrimp to it…de-lish!

My family is a big fan of Macaroni Grill, but since it costs us over $50 to dine there, we don’t do it often.  This is a great substitute.  However, my 7-year-old did point out that we were missing that yummy bread and “dippin’ sauce” you get at the restaurant.  I agree.  There are some indulgences you just can’t recreate at home.

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