What happens when I’m left in charge…

by Dinner Hero on February 1, 2013

Confession time.  I’m sad.  Really, really sad.

I made a big mistake.  Remember what I said just a few days ago about my beloved Bruschetta and how I encouraged you to grow your own basil?

As you can see, I failed.  As in EPIC FAIL.

dead basil

See?  This is what happens when I’m left in charge of the plants.  Yes, I know it’s February.  But I live in South Texas.  Most nights, the basil is just fine outside.  But I failed.  I let it stay out in the freezing temps for just ONE night!  No fresh basil for me again until I go get a new plant.

I wonder if a new basil plant could count as a birthday present for my hubby?  I did kill HIS plant after all.

Home Depot here I come.

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