Mandarin O Salad

by Dinner Hero on February 4, 2013

I can’t even believe I’m putting this salad into recipe form.  It’s just a salad, but it’s my favorite.  And I do love the combination of all these ingredients.

mandarin o salad

Funny story about salad.  Until a few years ago, neither of my kids would eat a salad.  We decided not to force the issue.  For some reason, I just figured that eventually they would grow into salads.  And sure enough, Chloe did.

On New Year’s Eve 2010, we put together a time capsule and everyone wrote on pieces of paper things they wanted to accomplish in 2011.  Chloe confessed, in about October of 2011, that one of her goals for the year was to start eating salad!  She figured that since the year was almost over, she better get started.

{SEE!  I knew my theory about “growing into” salad was right!}

Since I often make this particular salad for the adults, this happened to be the first one she tried.  She really enjoyed it, too.  She said she figured she’d like it since her favorite food in the whole world was the star ingredient.  Eggs.  This girl loves eggs.

As for Cooper, we’re still waiting for him to join the salad club.

I especially love Brianna’s Blush Wine Vinaigrette dressing on this salad.  And because of the sweetness and juiciness of the mandarin oranges, it only takes a tiny amount of dressing to make it delicious.

Mandarin O Salad
Prep time: 
Total time: 


  • fresh baby spinach
  • green onion, finely sliced
  • hard boiled egg, sliced in rings
  • 1 can mandarin oranges, cold
  • croutons
  • salt & pepper, to taste
  • favorite salad dressing

  1. Ask your peeps – “Do you want a salad tonight?”
  2. Fix one for each person who said “yes”.


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