When Thrift Store Finds Go Wrong

by Dinner Hero on September 18, 2013

leaf plate 1

On a recent trip to a thrift store, I found this sweet little leaf shape plate.  I’m always on the lookout for cool dishes on the cheap, so I was thrilled with this bargain find at only $2.  Really, you should have been there to see how excited I was when the cashier told me it was half-off.  I was totally prepared to pay $4 for it.

leaf plate 2

I had the perfect plan for this plate.  I was going to add it to our “sushi dishes” collection.  Don’t you think it has a nice Asian flair to it?  I thought it would look beautiful with salmon nigiri displayed on it.  Yes, I had big plans for this plate.

leaf plate 3

Yeah.  Until I got home with it and looked at the bottom of the plate.  Great.  Just great.  When something says “may poison food” I’m guessing you better not serve sushi on it.

So now it stands proudly displayed on an easel in my kitchen.  It taunts me every time I look at it.

All I have to say is that it’s a darn good thing I got it on sale.

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