Dave Ramsey Inspired FPU Rice & Beans Party Favors

by Dinner Hero on November 22, 2013

rice & beans favors

“Live like no one else so later, you can live like no one else!” – Dave Ramsey

I just love that quote.  I keep saying that over and over to myself every time I start feeling a little bit of “car envy”.  I’ve been driving the same van for over 10 years and am so ready to drive something newer/nicer/prettier.  Funny thing is, we started following Dave Ramsey’s baby steps to paying off our debt just one month after buying a brand new, fully-loaded 2003 Honda Odyssey on credit.  We paid it off just 2 years later and vowed to never have another car payment again.  Ever.

Now, 170,000+ miles later, we’re still sticking to that promise to ourselves and each other.  But dang it.  Newish used cars are EXPENSIVE, especially when you are wanting to pay for the whole thing in cold. hard. cash!

We recently had a “Friday night date” at a car dealership.  Oh what fun that was.  Fun = test driving the fully loaded 2011 Ford Explorer.  Not fun = realizing we’re still $10K short and driving away in our beloved Honda.

rice & beans 2

The very next Sunday we had our “wrap-up party” (i.e. last class) of the Financial Peace University class at our church, of which we were the facilitators.  We asked everyone to share personal success stories from the 9 week class, and to share how their futures are changed as a result of the principles they learned from FPU.  At the conclusion, we gave everyone this “trophy” of sorts.  It’s just a bag of rice & beans with Dave’s famous quote attached.

You may have figured it out already.  My van is my rice & beans (driving cheap!).  But one day soon, I’m gonna swap those rice & beans for Filet Mignon (driving not-so-cheap!).  Oh, what a glorious day that will be – when we walk in with cash and walk out with a new ride.  I can not wait to experience it.

Dave Ramsey FPU Goodie Bags

  • 1 large bag of rice
  • 1 large bag of dried beans
  • Clear goodie bags, 1 per person
  • Ribbon
  • Homemade tags, printed

  1. Scoop ½ cup of each rice and beans into each bag. Punch a hole in each tag and attach to bag with ribbon.


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