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by Dinner Hero on February 24, 2014

Welcome to the Create Inspiration Team’s February Party!

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Are you looking for something fun to do on your upcoming Spring Break?  Here’s a great project that the kids can get involved in, too!

Don’t have a whole week off?  It’s OK, a weekend is all you need to put together a quick and easy digital photo album.  Let me show you just how fun it can be!

Spring break album title photo

You need three basic ingredients to create a quick digital photo album.

1.  An album template.  I used the Foto Focus Album by liv.e designs.

Foto Focus Album

2.  A paper & embellishment pack.  I used Enjoy the Ride Mini-Theme by Echo Park.

Enjoy the ride

3.  Your photos from a specific event.  I used photos from the vacation my parents took my son on last summer.

My Step-By-Step guide to creating a themed album:

  1. Choose a theme:  vacation, school days, summer activities, Christmas, birthdays through the years, wedding, sports season, etc.
  2. Organize your photos.  Decide which photos to use and put only those you want in the album in a specific folder on your computer.  This will prevent you from looking through your large collection over and over again.  Edit the photos that need editing.
  3. Decide which photos you’d like to appear together on each page and file them next to each other within your computer’s filing system.  For example, I wanted my photos to appear chronologically and grouped by activity.  If you organize them this way in your files, it will make placing them on the pages much easier and faster.
  4. Start building your pages!  I start by adding photos only.  For example, if I have 4 photos for the first page, I’ll choose a template with a four photo space layout.  Open the page and add the photos to the photo clipping masks.  Then save the page (ex. summer trip page 1) and close it.  Then work on page two.  Once all the photos are placed on pages, then I go back and add the paper, embellishments, and journaling.  If  you like facing pictures to “fit” together in terms of event or theme, make sure you create the pages in this order.  I keep a piece of paper handy to jot down facing pages (pages 2 & 3, pages 4 & 5, etc).
  5. Involve the kids!  For my project, I didn’t really know what information to include in the journaling and notes because I wasn’t on this trip.  So, I had my son sit down with me and he told me what to type on each page.  Plus, it’s so meaningful to get the story from everyone’s point-of-view.
  6. Proof read!  I even suggest you have a third-party (someone who didn’t work on the album creation) to read over all your text.  Check for grammatical and spelling errors.
  7. Once the pages are ready, save all the .psd files as .jpgs and then upload them to your favorite album printer.

I used Shutterfly for my album printing.  They have specific instructions and templates for creating your own album pages.  It’s not too easy to find on their site, so I’m sharing the link to all the info you’ll need right here.

You can see all the full pages of my album here!

spring break collage 3

Shutterfly even has a clear pocket available that adheres to the album.  I got one to hold all the brochures and ticket stubs from the trip.

spring break collage 4

True Story - I had been avoiding creating this album for several reasons.  First, since I wasn’t on this trip, I didn’t have the number or the quality of photos that I would have if I’d taken them myself.  Many of these were taken with my dad’s cell phone.  AND, about half the photos in this album were originally video, because my dad took more video than still photos.  So, I did a lot of “freeze frame” and screen shots to create photos.  Ideal?  Probably not.  But, now I’m SO HAPPY that I finally decided to create this treasure for my son and parents, regardless of the photos I had available.  Here’s another secret…for the photos that just didn’t exist (i.e. they were never taken) I went to the websites of those places and just downloaded their photos.  YES. I. DID!

Feb create insp party banner

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We hope you enjoyed our February party.  If you missed all the January fun, check out our projects HERE.  See you next month for Easter inspired projects!

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