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Dinner plans got you down?  Me, too.

family about me

I LOVE to cook, but I hate it when there isn’t a plan for dinner and everyone is ready to eat.  I have tons of recipes and cookbooks, but at times have lacked the creativity to put it all together.  I wonder how many lists of dinner ideas I’ve created, tried, rejected, loved, and forgotten about.  No doubt, I’ve wasted countless hours redoing this never ending chore — planning the dinner menus for my family.

So, I’m on a mission to digitize all my recipes and photograph the food we make.  And, I’ll share it all right here.  I will strive to cook meals that are interesting, filling, well-rounded and fun.  No more racking my brain at 4:00 pm everyday…wondering what I have in the freezer that can be thawed and quickly thrown together for dinner.  OK, yes.  I realize I’m living in a dream world.  I’m certain that will still happen.  Some.

And just because I like to do a whole lot more than cook, I’ll also share some photography, digital scrapbook pages, and DIY projects.  Plus, I might throw in some stuff about my kids – just to keep the Grandparents happy.

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Julie:  I’m the writer of this blog and a proud Arkansas Razorback now happily living in Southern Texas!  My husband, Marc, is my kitchen sidekick. I got really lucky when he chose me.  Together, we have created a couple of kids who also love to eat (amazing, huh?).  We’re doing our best to make sure they know how to feed themselves once they leave our house.

marc about me

Marc:  Our kitchen commander.  Especially when he’s making sushi!  For his real job, he sells medical nutrition (food in a bag!).

chloe about me

Chloe: She’s our lefty-which-makes-it-more-difficult-to-explain-how-to-use-the-kitchen-scissors, but she can make a mean batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies.

cooper about me

Cooper:  He’s always eager to help in the kitchen.  But don’t ever leave your drink unattended when he’s around.  We’ve always said, “If it’s wet, Cooper will drink it!”

smokey about me

Smokey:  Doing what he does best.  He’s 11 (that’s 77 in dog years) and he’s earned this right.

Photo Credits to my good friend, Kate Henson.

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