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With DINNER HERO you’ll always be able to get a delicious and simple meal on the table with:

Sounds great, right? But also too good to be true? It’s NOT.

Developed by an overwhelmed mom of five who hates meal planning and knew there was a better way.

How do we make YOU a DINNER HERO?

The secret to becoming a DINNER HERO is having all the ingredients you need to make dozens of awesome meals at any given time.

There are three simple steps and we will walk you through each one:


Learn how to keep the right foods on hand so you will always be able to whip something up.


Learn how to prepare proteins so you can always have it ready to go.


Learn a variety of simple recipes so you don’t feel like you’re falling back on the same dishes again and again.

Isn’t this just another cookbook?

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Will I have to buy a ton of expensive and weird groceries?

No! Most (possibly all!) of the items on our food list are things that you probably have in your kitchen already!

We’re teaching you how to take ordinary everyday ingredients and combine them to make dozens of delicious meals!

Do I need to run out and get everything on the list to start?

No! If you want to start with everything then by all means, go for it! But if not, take inventory of what you have and cook from that list at first. Slowly pick up additional items at the market as your budget allows until you have a fully stocked kitchen.

What if I’m gluten-free?

Not a problem!  Most of the recipes in this book can be easily modified to a gluten free diet.

What are you waiting for?

Get the Dinner Hero book today!

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